We provide complete solution to tunneling & construction industry with passion

About Us


Our team has more than 20 years of experience working closely with tunneling & construction Projects in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, Qatar, Oman & UAE. NRS is comitted to provide best solution and services to our customers worldwide. NRS is also the authorized distributor of many world renowned companies like WE Walter S.R.L (Italy), UTV Cavi (Italy), ECO INC. CO., LTD. (S. Korea) & EOL Ventsystem (Sweden), Jensen Ventilation AB (Sweden)




01-Steel Rail, Fish Plate, Bolts, Rail Clips & all type of Rail Switches
02-Noise Barrier Panels & Accessories
03-WE WALTER S.R.L. & UTV Cavi Cable (Italy)
04-Steel, Victaulic & Seamless Pipes & Fittings
05-Tunnel Walkway & Supports
06-Pipe Hangers, Cable Hangers & Conveyor Hangers
07-JP JENSEN Ventilation Duct
08-EOLVENT System Ventilation Fan
09-Conveyor Belt System & Rollers

Director's Message


NRS is a leader in offering quality products and services of the highest standards in Tunneling & Construction projects. Our company's vision, strategy and policies are geared towards continuous innovation and better performance, by combining experience, knowledge of the local industrial requirements practices and appreciation from our customer base. NRS provide service to the customer in the best possible way.


Authorized Distributors